Hwb2-1 Remote contol secrity display stand

14-Apr- 2016

1. HWB2-1 series used sensor contactor with display and alarm function. The attractive advantage is that it can continue working not less than 3 month without power adapter. There is independent security system assembly in every unit security display stand, more reliable.
2. Simply, innovative, easy and convenient design make the HWB2-1 save more space, in addition, it is very easy to install. HWB2-1 has Lithium battery, more durable.
3. HWB2-1 will be alarm in multi-azimuth; the display stand used electronic clip spring cable to Secure, earphone used electronic connector to secure in left/right side. Internal lithium battery, While the power cut or power off, the security display still working effective.
4. HWB2-1 add two dummy slot, it can display the smart watch and the dummy at the same time. 
5. TalkBand B2 display: B2stand + B2 security display stand.