Hwb2-3 Remote contol secrity display stand

14-Apr- 2016

1. HWB2-3 series used sensor contactor with display and alarm function. The attractive advantage is that it can continue working not less than 3 month without power adapter. There is independent security system assembly in every unit security display stands, more reliable.
2. Simply, innovative, easy and convenient design make the HWB2-3 save more space, in addition, it is very easy to install. HWB2-3 has Lithium battery, more durable.
3. HWB2-3 separate security display stands from acrylic holder, and the security display stand can be hided, which is very neat and elegant. In addition, there is internal lithium battery, while the power cut or power off, the security display still working effective. 
4. TalkBand B2 display: B2 security display stand,Display in multi-azimuth.