Kst-01 Mobile Phone/tablet seuruty altm stand

14-Apr- 2016

1. KST-01 series adopt the technology of contactor alarm/ insert alarm/ wire break alarm, achieve the security. Display charging function. Independent unlock system. Self and reliable. Contactor alarm. Each alarm stand have independent alarm system. Safety and reliable;
2. KTS-01 the trapezoid shape/design, mini and small, Innovative design. The portable design save space, easy install. 150 bending visual angle design morefit for display product;
3. KST-01 in order to prevent false alarm and beautiful effect. Adopt the internal cable with alarm host. Integration have micro USB, I5 charge alarm signal output port. 
4. Whole display scheme design; the trape zoid shape design, mini-small.
5. The material of appearance: ABS + PC fireproofing. Internal recoiler alarmstand.more safety more concise.