22-Jul- 2014

Applicable to

It is widely usage: Digital Shops, Retail Stores, Big Mall, POP Supermarket,
exclusive shop, Flagship stores. etc.



The security display hook is specially used for display valuable/ Precious
goods and and some goods that does not suitable to be touched many times
or to be open the packge for many times by the buyers, it mainly fit for
hanging style Blister packing goods, such as mouse,Bluetooth,Phone 
batteries, Printing ink, Memory cards, Phone headset, and so on.


Color: White and Black or customized.


Main advantages:

1) Easy assembling,easy operation,bearing and tightly.

 2) Reduce the labor cost and space saving.

 3) Safely display your products and increase sales value.

 4) The goods can be displayed in good order and appear very nice,
it not only keep the goods in safe state,but also make the clients clear at a glance.

 5)  Locking security hook solutions that allow you to confidently display merchandise.

 6) So,many kinds of specifications applicable to different product and market demand.


Item  product name  material  finished


GLPZ-B series


display security hook

 Mild steel

 and ABS

 any surface available





Operation steps as follow:



Display effect 2.jpg

DFS Factory introduction.jpg

workshop 3.jpgworkshop 2.jpg