GSP-02 Stoplock for the blisters hook use shops/suppermarkt/

22-Jul- 2014

Stoplock for the blisters hook use shops/suppermarkt/stores 

Special function: 

Stoplock for safety hook  is useful to display the goods of plastic package,it has nice appearence and bears well.

Accord with the experience marketing requirement,display and safety of both fusion design idea. 
Make the customer experience of the features of the goods and to ensure product safety. 
Applicable to: 
It mainly fit for Hanging style and Blister packing goods that it can be display of suspension product safety. 
It is widely to be usage:Mobile shop,digital shop,Image shop,Flag navigation shop. 

Main advantages:

1) Easy assembling,easy operation,bearing and tightly.

2) Reduce of the  50% labor cost, Space-saving 70% percent.

3) The goods can be displayed in good order and appear very nice, it not only keep the goods in safe state,but also make the clients clear at a glance.

4) Stoplock for safety hook displays to show your valued merchandise without worring about theft incident .

Many kinds of specifications applicable to different product and display of counter requirement. 



Locking for double line hook.jpg

Locking double line hook.jpg

Stoplock single line hook.jpg


GLPX series hook.jpg


Operation steps:

GLPX series operation steps.jpg




Display effect 2.jpg