Eastops&VPG in cooperation for 3C digital display alarm

13-Jul- 2016

     Eastops is a leading display and security provider in China, which is established in 1999. With strong R&D capability, high level quality product and good customer service, we offer security solution to more than 90% 3C operators and brand marketer in China. Eastops is a manufacturer and brand marketer, owns the independent intellectual property rights, offer secure solution to cell phones, tablets, cameras, laptops, watches etc electronic products.VPG(Vanguard Protex Global) has been a leading provider of world class retail merchandising and security solutions for over 17 years. Offer display design, sales assistant and technical support to operators, retailers and brand marketer. The strategy partners include at&t,Vodafone,Verizonwireless,BestBuy,Costco,Walmart,Canon,BlackBerry,SONY,Samsung, Panasonic, Nikon,LG,Coach.

     One is the leading company in China. One is the industry giant in USA. What magic will they create together?
CEO of VPG visited Eastops’ factory in May 2016.Recently the two parties signed the strategy cooperation agreement. In order to meet the urgent demand of better product and global service by 3C digital brand marketer and retailer, they assign each other as the authorized distributors of the local market and open the sales and technical service points to each other.
     So far, the largest 3C digital display security sales and technical service points network was come out, which covers more than 70 countries and areas in the world. In addition to provide the local design display security solution to overseas brand, Eastops also offer the reliable and in-time technical service support to Huawei,ZTE and other hi-tech companies.
In the era of globalization, Eastops will be at the peak of industry with Chinese enterprises.